1. One Multimedia Projector


  • The multimedia projector will be completely delivered to the school.
  • The multimedia projector can be used for all possible purpose one can even imagine.
  • From importing the knowledge to entertain the students and staff with movies.



2. MMP Interactive Whiteboard


  • This is the latest technology available in education field and is completely interactive.
  • For 2D/ 3D audio-visual learning and makes learning more creative and interactive.
  • students and teachers can see,touch,change,edit on a very big interactive screen.



3. Cameras In Every Classroom(optional)     Only if the sch


  • The parents and school staff can always have a live streaming video feed of each classroom by a single login hence will benefit the school and students because.
  • The performance of children and teachers will drastically increase because they will be attentive as parents may keep an eye on them.
  • Behavior of students and attention towards studies will improve as they are aware that the parents may be monitoring them.
  • Proxy and absenteeism will reduce to a   great extent just because of the fear of live feed.   



4. One Interactive Pen For Interactive Board  

This is a special tool which gives the complete control of the white board in hands of  teachers and children.


5. One Dedicated Computer

One dedicated computer will be installed in the school All our software will be installed in this computer and all the hardware would be connected to it. 



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